A Division of Campus Operations


Mission Statement: Coming Soon

Bylaws: Coming Soon

Employee of the Month Nomination Form Here

Board Members:

  1. President Aaron Hout
  2. Vice President / Employee of the Month Josh Hackathorn
  3. Secretary Tanya Hackathorn
  4. Suggestion Box Manager / Agenda Gene Normandin
  5. Sub Committee Manager Steve Conway

Meeting Dates:

February 8, 2016 Flyer Here

Follow Up Notes:

June 7, 2017 Here

Suggestion Box Locations:

FS Main foyer, Store Room by water fountain, Landscape, FS Shops, Robinson Gym, Ellsworth Hall

2017 Employees of the Month:

January Kim Rayton

February Chris Alfers

April Buddy Taylor

May Brad Richard

June Bill Elmer

July Mike Jones





Please call 864-4770 for assistance.